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Ever since the beginning, back in 2006, Insoft Services have been about transferring knowledge. The means by which we do this is ever evolving. This process of changing with both the times and the needs of our customer base has streamlined us into being a technology focused training company. All of our expertise, experience and hard work are now directed towards one single goal – delivering world leading training for selected IP vendors.

Whatever size or knowledge base our customers currently possess – we at Insoft Services are dedicated to further improve those skill sets in order to let the companies grow further and to increase their understanding of the products they currently use.

We accomplish these goals by focusing on what we do best – assessing our customers’ needs, coming up with the optimal course of action and delivering an impeccable training experience delivered by our staff of world leading instructors.

Focus Areas

Regardless what solutions are chosen for running and securing the IT operations within any technology company the backbone of their organization will be the actual people operating the technology on a daily basis. Our mission is to make sure they are fully prepared for the task and have the required skills to do so at the absolutely highest professional level.

We are proud to be a Cisco Systems Learning Specialized Partner, which gives us the possibility to provide our customers with targeted official Cisco curriculum. Whatever position you have within a given IT organization, we have a tailor made training solution that will enhance your knowledge and make you an even more valuable asset to your team.

Our status as one of very few Cisco Business Learning Partners gives us even more tools to perfect our customers’ organizations. We can create sales and presales training and deliver it as a Cisco Approved Offering.

Cisco Sales Training
Fortinet Authorized Training
Fortinet Customized Training
Vendor Independent Training
Cisco Authorized Training
Professional Services consultancy
Certi-compliance Services
Managed Training Services

The Journey

In 2016, Insoft Services turns 10 years old. Selected achievements by one of the best minds in the industry


North Europe Focus, expansion in Sweden, Denmark & Norway with new offices setup.


Awarded Cisco Business Learning Partner Status worldwide


-Expanded JNAEP Reach to 16 countries.
-Started working as Cisco Learning Partner in Finland.


-Global DEW Agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks -Hired 15th resource in the PS Team


Started providing consultants and IP engineers to Redback Networks, which later got acquired by Ericsson.


Insoft UK was born!


-Became Fortinet Premier Authorized Training Center EMEA.
-Awarded Cisco Learning Partner Status in Americas


-Became Cisco Learning Specialized Partner in EMEA.
-Expanded the geo reach to anywhere in EMEA for Cisco delivery.


as Started working with global training companies to provide product management on Juniper & HP globally


Reached agreement with Juniper Networks to become Juniper Authorized Training Partner in selected countries across EMEA. 3x Insoft Tunisia, Dubai and Pakistan were born.


Won the first long term PS Contract with Juniper PS EMEA.

Our Offices


+370 (8) 6039 3069



+44 (0) 20 7193 0551


Award Winning Instructors

Our elite instructors, who we time and time again rely on to deliver world-class training experiences. At the Cisco Global Learning Partner Conference in San Diego (CA) 2016, these instructors from our team were awarded with the best excellence award.

Juan Picco Gill

Excellence Award Received
from Cisco System 2016

CCSI security, DC

SME DC & ENT Networking

Nuno Pacheco

Excellence Award Received
from Cisco System 2016

CCSI Collab, Security

SME Sec, UC & DC

Rafik Atef

Excellence Award Received
from Cisco System 2016

CCSI Datacenter, CCIE DC


An Expensive Authorized Training - Really?

Picking authorized training is just as important as picking the best vendor for your IP infrastructure. In fact, they often go hand in hand.

A typical Cisco lab POD (Point of delivery) is a combination of tens of routers with full step-by-step instruction and troubleshooting - Something taught exclusively by fully authorized instructors.

By going with an Authorized training provider you ensure that your organization and your staff is up to date with all the equipment that you have previously invested in. This way your core investments (staff and equipment) line up perfectly together to provide you with a team that possess the specific expertise your day-to-day requires.

Our Blog


The implementation of any IP infrastructure comes after months, or even years of planning and deliberation. Every step in the process is scrutinized down to the smallest detail before its set into motion. I’d like to bring up the other side of that operation: the knowledge needed to run the operations once everything is in place.

There is obviously already a great amount of experience within any organization who is considering a large scale implementation of any sort, but vendor specific expertise....read more

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