OpenStack Networking – Neutron

OpenStack Networking – Neutron
  • OpenStack Networking – Neutron

    3 Days Course
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    Course Details


    Neutron is an OpenStack project that was launched with the Folsom release. This new service provides a virtual “Networking as a Service” between interface devices and allows users to use an API to build and configure networking infrastructure. By becoming proficient with Neutron, users can create load balancers and firewalls using network virtualization throughout their environment.


    • Network review
    • OpenFlow
    • Open vSwitch
    • Neutron review
    • Neutron configuration
    • Packet flow through OpenStack
    • Troubleshooting Neutron
    • Load balancing using Neutron

    Target Audience

    • IT Network Professionals
    • OpenStack Administrators


    • Moderate experience with Linux command line
    • Moderate experience with networking tools
    • Knowledge of basic networking concepts

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