PRINCE2 Foundation

PRINCE2 Foundation
  • PRINCE2 Foundation

    3 Days Course
    Project Management
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    Course Details


    PRINCE2 is the de-facto standard for Project Management and provides an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects. This course covers the basic methodology and terminology of PRINCE2. It instructs and qualifies the attendees with the proper knowledge to use the PRINCE2 methodology within a project environment supporting PRINCE2.


    The student will be able to:

    • Understand the principles of the PRINCE2 Project Management method
    • Start, control, and close projects
    • Manage quality
    • Manage risks
    • Deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the specified business case
    • Tailor PRINCE2 to different project environments


    Day 1

    • Introduction
    • Case introduction
    • Organization
    • Business Case
    • Starting up a Project
    • Directing a Project
    • Plans
    • Introduction exams
    • Sample exam questions
    • Closing

    Day 2

    • Quality
    • Risk
    • Initiating a Project
    • Change
    • Progress
    • Controlling a Stage
    • Product Delivery
    • a Stage Boundary
    • Closing a Project
    • Sample exam questions
    • Closing

    Day 3

    • Exam preparation
    • Sample exam 2
    • Summary
    • Study
    • Foundation Exam
    • End evaluations

    Target Audience

    This course is aimed at people who work, or would like to work, on projects on a daily basis. This course is designed to provide you with that information and working-level understanding of structured Project Management, as presented in PRINCE2. At the end of this course, you will be able to use this knowledge to manage a project and pass the Axelos PRINCE2 Foundation examination.

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