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Cisco Business Value Specialist

  • Cisco Business Value Specialist

    The Cisco Business Value Specialist is a certification program for sales professionals that engage in customer conversations designed to pinpoint a strategic view of customer needs, lead stakeholders to consensus decisions, and produce cross-architectural roadmaps. This certification will help candidates to become and succeed as a trusted advisor, to engage in and lead customers through comprehensive, relevant business discussions.

    This job role based certification will help candidates to:

    • Capture priorities, pain points, and opportunities
    • Build business strategy and operating models
    • Develop action plan, obtain buy-in from key stakeholders

    Exams & Recommended Training

    Recommended Trainings
    Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals (BTUBVAF)
    Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills (BTASBVA)


    • There are no prerequisites required for this certification.


    • Check individual course offering above