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CLAUI – Implementing Automation for Cisco Collaboration Solutions


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Course Schedule

  • 3 Days Course
    Network automation

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    The Implementing Automation for Cisco Collaboration Solutions (CLAUI) v1.0 course teaches you how to implement Cisco® Collaboration automated, programmable solutions for voice, video, collaboration, and conferencing on-premises or in the cloud.

    Through a combination of lessons and hands-on labs, you will combine tools and processes to tackle communication challenges using key platforms including Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco IP Phone Services, Cisco Unity® Connection, Cisco Finesse®, Cisco Collaboration Endpoints, Cisco Webex Teams™, and Cisco Webex® Meetings. You will also learn how to use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) interfaces such as Representational State Transfer (REST) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), parsing data in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formats, and leverage frameworks such as Python.


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    After taking this course, you should be able to:

    • Examine API and automation capabilities and concepts for Cisco Unified Communication Manager
    • Examine API and automation capabilities and concepts for Cisco Unity Connection
    • Examine API and automation capabilities and concepts for Cisco Finesse
    • Examine Experience API (xAPI) and automation capabilities and concepts for Cisco Collaboration endpoints
    • Examine API and automation capabilities and concepts for Cisco Webex Teams
    • Examine API and automation capabilities and concepts for Cisco Webex Meetings


    • Automating Cisco Unified Communications Manager
    • Automating the Cisco Unity Connection
    • Automating Cisco Finesse
    • Examining Cisco Collaboration Endpoint Automation
    • Examining Cisco Cloud Collaboration Automation
    • Examining Cisco Conferencing Automation

    Lab outline

    • Configure the Initial Collaboration Lab Environment
    • Verify Phone Details
    • Configure Phone Line Label
    • Configure User Pin
    • Configure System Forward No Answer Timer
    • Configure Route Plan Report
    • Deploy Basic SQL Query
    • Deploy Advanced SQL Query
    • Configure an Alternate Extension in Cisco Unity Connection
    • Configure Voicemail Pin
    • Verify Agent Settings
    • Deploy Gadget
    • Deploy Modify Call Via Video Codec
    • Configure System Name and Branding
    • Deploy and Monitor Video Call
    • Configure Custom Control Panel
    • Deploy Macro
    • Verify Cisco Webex Organization and License Information
    • Configure New Cisco Webex Teams Room
    • Deploy Interactive Bot
    • Deploy Widget
    • Configure Cisco Webex Meetings User
    • Configure and Record Cisco Webex Meeting
    • Verify System Status
    • Configure Host Access on Cisco Meeting Server Spaces

    Target Audience

    This course is designed for network and software engineers interested in Cisco Collaboration and Webex automation and who hold job roles such as:

    • Collaboration Sales Engineer
    • Collaboration Software Developer
    • Collaboration Solutions Architect
    • Consulting Systems Engineer
    • Network Administrator
    • Network Engineer
    • Network Manager
    • Software Architect
    • Software Developer
    • Systems Engineer
    • Technical Solutions Architect
    • Wireless Design Engineer
    • Wireless Engineer


    Before taking this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

    • Basic knowledge of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and REST APIs
    • Basic programming and scripting skills in Python
    • Intermediate knowledge in managing and configuring three or more of the following Cisco Collaboration offerings:
      • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
      • Cisco IP Phones
      • Cisco Finesse
      • Cisco Webex Devices (Collaboration and Video Endpoints)
      • Cisco Webex Teams


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