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Configuring BIG-IP GTM v11: Global Traffic Manager


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  • 2 Days Course
    Network Management/Design

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    This course gives networking professionals a functional understanding of the BIG-IP GTM system as it is commonly used. The course covers installation, configuration, and management of the BIG-IP GTM system. This hands-on course includes lectures, labs, and discussions.


    Topics covered in this course include:

    • Installation and Licensing
    • DNS Overview
    • Accelerated DNS Resolutions
    • Intelligent DNS Resolutions
    • LDNS Probes and Metrics
    • Load Balancing
    • Monitors and Probes
    • Configuration Files, Logs, and Notifications
    • Advanced Topics – DNSSEC, iRules, Synchronization, DNS Integration, iHealth
    • Configuration Project


    By the end of this course, the student should be able to perform an initial configuration using the Setup Utility and build many common configurations using the Graphical User Interface (browser-based). In addition, the student should be able to monitor and manage common tasks concerning traffic processed through the BIG-IP GTM system.


    Chapter 1: Setting Up the BIG-IP System

    • Introducing the BIG-IP System
    • Initially Setting Up the BIG-IP System
    • Creating an Archive of the BIG-IP System
    • F5 Support Resources and Tools

    Chapter 2: DNS and GTM Systems

    • DNS Overview
    • The Name Resolution Process
    • DNS and GTM System Options
    • Resolution Diagnostic Tools

    Chapter 3: Accelerated DNS Resolutions

    • Global Traffic Manager and DNS Resolutions
    • Hierarchy of Options Flow Chart
    • Lab Setup Information
    • GTM Listeners
    • Load Balancing DNS Queries
    • DNS Cache
    • DNS Express
    • Introduction to Wide IPs
    • Other DNS Queries
    • Integrating GTM into Existing DNS Systems

    Chapter 4: Intelligent DNS Resolutions

    • GTM Intelligent DNS Resolutions
    • Metric Collection
    • Intelligent Name Resolution
    • Data Centers
    • Adding GTM Systems
    • Adding LTM Systems
    • GTM-LTM System Communications: iQuery
    • Adding Non-F5 Servers
    • Links
    • Wide IP Pools
    • Wide IPs
    • Changing Object Status
    • Traffic Management Shell (TMSH)

    Chapter 5: LDNS Probes and Metrics

    • Probes and Metrics Overview
    • LDNS Probe Configuration

    Chapter 6: Load Balancing

    • Load Balancing Overview
    • Static Load Balancing Modes
    • Dynamic Load Balancing Modes
    • Quality of Service Load Balancing
    • Dynamic Persistence
    • Manual Resume
    • Topology Load Balancing

    Chapter 7: Monitors

    • Monitors and Metric Collection
    • Monitor Types
    • Monitor Configuration
    • Monitor Assignments
    • Monitor Status Reporting
    • Monitor Results and Best Practices

    Chapter 8: Configuration Files, Logs, and Notifications

    • BIG-IP Configuration Files
    • Logging and Notification
    • GTM Log Files
    • The Alertd Process
    • LCD Notification
    • Email Notification
    • High-Speed Logging
    • Monitoring the BIG-IP System Remotely with SNMP

    Chapter 9: Advanced Topics

    • DNSSEC
    • Limits and Thresholds
    • GTM iRules
    • Synchronization Groups
    • BIG-IP iHealth and QKView Diagnostic Files
    • DNS 6 to 4
    • Using tcpdump on the BIG-IP System

    Target Audience

    This course is intended for network operators, network administrators, network engineers, network architects, security administrators, and security architects responsible for installation, setup, configuration, and administration of the BIG-IP GTM system.


    Participants should understand:

    • Common Network terminology,
    • TCP/IP Addressing and Routing,
    • Internetworking concepts,
    • Common elements of WAN and LAN environments,
    • Data Center Server redundancy concepts.
    • Basic PC operation and application skills, including operating a CD drive, keyboard, mouse and Windows OS, Basic Web Browser operation (Internet Explorer is used in class).