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Cisco Digital Content Manager Intermediate (DCMI)


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Course Schedule

  • 3 Days Course
    Service Provider Video (CLS)

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    The Cisco® Digital Content Manager (DCM) Intermediate Training Version 2.01 instructor-led course offered by Cisco Learning Services is a lab-intensive course that provides the experienced Cisco DCM operator with the knowledge and skills required to configure and manage many of the Cisco DCM advanced features. The Cisco DCM is part of the Cisco® Videoscape Origination Suite for Service Providers.


    Through lecture and hands-on labs you will practice configuring alternate services, tuning the 8-VSB card, service tuning the DVB-S2 card, configuring forward error correction, BISS scrambling, rate control with the MFP card, transcoding with the transcoder and MFP card, configuring slate services, and triggering and analyzing Cisco DCM alarms.


    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Configuring the chassis and main cards: asynchronous serial interface (ASI), Gigabit Ethernet, and Co-processor cards
    • Rate control and transcoding with a transcoder and MFP card
    • Configuring Alternate Services
    • Tuning the 8-VSB Card
    • Service Tuning with the Digital Video Broadcast-S2 Card
    • Configuring Forward Error Correction
    • Scrambling and descrambling (includes simulcrypt scrambling)
    • Slate (Still Picture) Services
    • Inserting logos, banners, and Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages
    • Triggering and analyzing alarms for common Cisco DCM service issues


    • Module 1: Advanced Configuration
      • Lesson 1: Configuring the Chassis
      • Lesson 2: Card and Port Configuration
      • Lesson 3: Applying Tracking Rules
      • Lesson 4: Working with System Information Table Output
      • Lesson 5: Introducing Alternate Services
    • Module 2: Managing RF Signal Input Cards
      • Lesson 1: Managing Off-Air Signals Using 8-VSB Card
      • Lesson 2: Using Satellite Reception (DVB-S2)
    • Module 3: Managing Forward Error Correction
      • Lesson 1: Introducing FEC
      • Lesson 2: Configuring FEC
    • Module 4: Managing Scrambling and Descrambling
      • Lesson 1: Introducing DVB Simulcrypt Scrambling
      • Lesson 2: Introducing Basic Interoperable Scrambling System (BISS) Scrambling
    • Module 5: Managing Rate Control and Transcoding
      • Lesson 1: Introducing Rate Control with a Cisco Multi-Format Processing (MFP) Card
      • Lesson 2: Introducing Transcoding
      • Lesson 3: Configuring Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Streams Using a Transcoder Card
    • Module 6: Additional Insertion Features and Slate Services
      • Lesson 1: Exploring Still Picture/Slate Services
      • Lesson 2: Introducing the Logo Insertion Feature
      • Lesson 3: Inserting Logos
      • Lesson 4: Inserting Banners
      • Lesson 5: Inserting EAS Messages
    • Module 7: Investigating Service Issues with Cisco DCM
      • Lesson 1: Cisco DCM Troubleshooting Process and Analysis
      • Lesson 2: Investigating with Cisco DCM Alarms

    Target Audience

    This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to operate and maintain a Cisco DCM. The primary audience for this course includes:

    • System engineers
    • Technical-support personnel
    • Channel partners and resellers


    • Cisco DCM Operations and Maintenance Training