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DTCSM – Cisco Customer Success Manager


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  • 3 Days Course
    Business Skills

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    The Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM) v2.1 course gives you the confidence and competence to fulfill the Customer Success Manager (CSM) role successfully, helping your customers realize value from their solutions and achieve their business outcomes. The course offers experiential learning through practical exercises using situations based on real-life use cases and case studies. In this highly interactive course, you can practice and gain confidence in fulfilling core tasks using best-practice tools and methodologies while receiving feedback from the facilitator and your peers.

    This course is based on the concept of the customer lifecycle and how to optimize that journey, increasing the value realized by the customer, and maximizing your likelihood to maintain their loyalty and renew or expand their business opportunities. The course helps you prepare for the 820-605 Cisco® Customer Success Manager (CSM) exam. By passing this exam, you earn the Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist certification.


    After taking this course, you should be able to:

    • Describe the role of the Customer Success Manager
    • Describe the tools that the Customer Success Manager uses to ensure customer experience
    • Describe the lifecycle approach to customer experience


    • Transition to Subscription Economy
    • Engaging the Customer for Success
    • Customer Success Management Activities

    Target Audience

    • Individuals preparing for the Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist certification
    • Individuals who have experience working with customers to determine, measure, and deliver business outcomes through the implementation of technology


    This course has no formal prerequisites, but we recommend that you have:

    • Experience working with customers to determine, measure, and deliver business outcomes through the implementation of technology