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HL974 – HP Insight Control Server Provisioning


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3 Days Course
Server Infrastructure

Classroom + Online

Course Details


This course will equip students with the skills and knowledge to setup and configure HP Insight Control server provisioning appliance, discover and configure supported HP ProLiant servers, and provision various operating systems. Students will be able to update servers with HP Service Pack for ProLiant, capture and install Windows image, modify and adjust OS Build Plans to suit special needs, migrate servers and data from Insight Control server deployment to Insight Control server provisioning. This course covers Maintenance and troubleshooting of HP Insight Control server provisioning.


  • Provide an overview and key features of the HP Insight Control server provisioning.
  • Describe the process of installing and configuring the ICsp appliance.
  • Describe the process of installing and configuring a Windows based Media Server.
  • Discuss HP ICsp OS Build Plans methodology, scripts, configuration files, packages and steps in typical jobs executed.
  • Provide an overview of the methods used to discover and add target servers to HP ICsp database.
  • Review some infrastructure provisioning jobs performed by OS Build Plans.
  • Discuss operating systems and HP Service Pack for ProLiant deployments by OS Build Plans.
  • Review the process of migrating existing HP Insight Control server deployment (RDP) managed target servers to HP Insight Control server provisioning.
  • Discuss the migration of jobs and configuration files from RDP and using them in the HP ICsp.
  • Review some typical maintenance actions to keep HP ICsp up and running.
  • Review basic troubleshooting of the common issues and errors.
  • Provide information how to access and use HP Support service for the advanced troubleshooting and resolving more complex problems.


Module 1: HP Insight Control server provisioning

  • Describe what ICsp is
  • List and describe ICsp appliance features
  • List ICsp appliance requirements, including Microsoft Windows-based Media Server, WinPE and HP ProLiant target server requirements (G6 and G7 and Gen8)
  • List the supported browsers

Module 2: Setting up the ICsp appliance

  • Explain how to deploy the ICsp appliance on a VMware ESXi host
  • Configure the ICsp appliance network after the first login
  • Configure DHCP on the appliance
  • Add Microsoft product keys to the ICsp appliance
  • Configure the Media Server using the HP ICsp Media Server setup utility
  • Generate and upload WinPE to the appliance

Module 3: Using the ICsp appliance

  • Discover and add servers to ICsp by using PXE and non-PXE methods
  • Use ICsp OS Build Plans for server provisioning

Module 4: Migrating data from RDP to ICsp

  • Describe the RDP migration process
  • List requirements for using the RDP Migration Utility for automated migration processes
  • Explain how to use the RDP Migration Utility to migrate RDP-managed target servers to ICsp
  • Explain how to use the RDP Migration Utility to locate, copy, and convert the RDP-based Hardware Configuration Files and Operating System Answer Files for use with ICsp
  • Explain how to use RDP Migration Utility to locate, export, and convert RDP-based “Run Script” tasks and the Shell script files available for use with ICsp
  • Describe how images created with RDP can be migrated to ICsp

Module 5: HP Insight Control server provisioning maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Maintain an ICsp appliance
  • Use a support dump file for troubleshooting
  • Resolve some common issues while working with ICsp

Target Audience

System Administrators, engineers and consultants, who will setup, manage and/or monitor HP ProLiant servers.


HP recommends that participants have attained the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course:

  • Familiar with HP Insight Control server deployment (RDP)