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Advanced Services’ Cisco Systems Customizing ICM/IPCC Reports Workshop (IPCAR) 1.0


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Course Schedule

  • 1 Days Course
    Collaboration (CLS)

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    The Cisco Systems Customizing ICM/IPCC Reports workshop is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the ICM reporting environment and the technical aspects of implementing custom reports in WebView. Although the workshop focuses on the IPCC implementation, participants familiar with traditional ICM installations can also benefit from the topics covered. In order to lay the groundwork necessary for the advanced reporting concepts, the course provides a detailed examination of how the components of the ICM work together to generate the reporting data.


    Students will participate in hands-on exercises to build knowledge ranging from a basic understanding of the reporting tools to custom report design, construction, and implementation. After completing this course, the participants will have a solid foundation in the ICM reporting environment. They will be able to identify when customization is required and will have the skills necessary to build or modify WebView reporting templates from standard ICM summary tables.


    • Describe the ICM environment
    • Understand typical call flows
    • Relate call flows to data generation
    • Name primary database tables
    • Describe primary formulas for ICM call statistics
    • Use InfoMaker to format and create templates
    • Add new templates to WebView
    • Navigate and query the ICM database schema
    • Assess the need for customization
    • Describe reporting best practices


    • ICM/IPCC Overview
    • Call Statistics
    • Formulas and Calculations
    • Introduction to WebView
    • Introduction to InfoMaker
    • Template Formatting
    • Installing and Modifying WebView Templates
    • Database Tools
    • Basic SQL
    • Designing and Building Templates from Scratch
    • Agent Detail Records
    • ICM Detail Call Data
    • Validating Call Data

    Target Audience

    • Channel Partner / Reseller
    • Customer
    • Employee


    • ICMPT, IPCCF, IPCCT/IPCC enterprise training
    • Call center experience
    • SQL programming experience