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Juniper Networks Design-WAN (JND-WAN)


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  • 5 Days Course
    Network Management/Design

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    This five-day course is designed to cover best practices, theory, and design principles for Wide Area Network (WAN) design including WAN interconnects, security considerations, virtualization, and management/operations. This course covers both service provider and enterprise WAN design.


    After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

    •     Describe high level concepts about the different WAN architectures.
    •     Identify key features used to interconnect WANs.
    •     Describe key high level considerations about securing and monitoring a WAN deployment.
    •     Outline high level concepts for implementing WANs.
    •     Explain various methods of WAN connectivity.
    •     Describe basic MPLS concepts as they are related to WANs.
    •     Identify basic Ethernet concepts as they are related to WANs.
    •     Describe key concepts of network availability.
    •     Explain high availability features and protocols.
    •     Describe the key aspects of class of service.
    •     Describe how core WAN technologies are used to solve specific problems facing network designers.
    •     Discuss core routing requirements.
    •     Explain how to design a high performance MPLS WAN core.
    •     Define CoS requirements for the WAN core.
    •     Discuss BGP peering and path selection.
    •     Design MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 services.
    •     Design metro Ethernet networks.
    •     Understand role of class of service in provider edge.
    •     Describe Next-generation MVPNs.
    •     Explain how enterprise WAN technologies are used to solve specific problems facing network designers.
    •     Outline various solutions regarding campus and branch WANs.
    •     Explain how data centers are interconnected through WANs.
    •     Identify various solutions regarding data center WAN interconnection.
    •     Describe the benefits and use cases for EVPN.
    •     Describe security concepts regarding WANs.
    •     Explain the differences between LAN security concepts and WAN security concepts.
    •     Explain VPN-related concepts regarding WANs.
    •     Describe methods to manage WANs.
    •     Discuss key concepts related to WAN management.
    •     Explain how virtualization and SDN can be leveraged in the WAN.
    •     Describe various SDN products and how they are used in the WAN.
    •     Describe MX, SRX, T, PTX, ACX, QFX, EX, and NFX Series devices and the basics of how they relate to WAN solutions.


    Day 1

    • Course Introduction
    • Overview of WAN Design
      •     WAN Design Overview
      •     WAN Domains
      •     Management, Operations, and Security
      •     Implementation Considerations
    • WAN Connectivity
      •     Public and Private
      •     Service Provider
      •     Enterprise
    • Network Availability and Traffic Prioritization   
      •     Network Availability
      •     Class of Service
      •     Lab: Network Availability and CoS Design

    Day 2

    • Service Provider Core WAN
      •     WAN Core Overview
      •     Core Routing
      •     MPLS Design
      •     CoS Considerations
      •     Lab: WAN Core Design

    Day 3

    • Service Provider Edge WAN
      •     Provider Edge
      •     Lab: Service Provider Edge—VPN Design
      •     Access and Aggregation Edge
      •     Services
      •     CoS Considerations
      •     Multicast
      •     Lab: Service Provider Edge—Services Design

    Day 4

    • Enterprise WAN
      •     Enterprise WAN Overview
      •     WAN Topologies
      •     Campus and Branch
      •     CoS Considerations
      •     Large Enterprise Designs
      •     Lab: Enterprise WAN Design
    • Data Center WAN
      •     WAN Overview
      •     EVPN
      •     Lab: Data Center WAN Design
    • WAN Security
      •     Security Overview
      •     WAN Versus LAN
      •     Service Provider Core WAN Security
      •     Service Provider Edge WAN Security
      •     Enterprise WAN Security
      •     Lab: Security Design

    Day 5

    • WAN Management
      •     Best Practices and Considerations
      •     OoB Management Design
      •     Junos Space
      •     Juniper WAN Automation
      •     Lab: WAN Management Design
    • WAN Virtualization and SDN
      •     SDN Overview
      •     NorthStar
      •     Contrail
      •     SD-WAN
      •     Lab: SDN Design
    • WAN Device Portfolio
      •     Platform and Junos Overview
      •     MX Series
      •     SRX Series
      •     PTX and T Series
      •     ACX Series
      •     QFX Series
      •     EX Series
      •     NFX Series

    Target Audience

    The following are the prerequisites for this course:

    •     Knowledge of routing and switching architectures and protocols.
    •     Knowledge of Juniper Networks products and solutions.
    •     Understanding of infrastructure security principles.
    •     Completion of the Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF) course.


    This course is targeted specifically for those who have a solid understanding of operation and configuration and are looking to enhance their skill sets by learning the principles of WAN design.