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Masterclass Advanced NAV/SQL Performance Optimization


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Course Schedule

  • 2 Days Course
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Classroom + Online

    ISK165000 (Excl. VAT)
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    Course Details


    This two day course will be a deep dive into the areas of performance troubleshooting a NAV/SQL system – platform/infrastructure, query strategy/programming and blocking/deadlocking.
    It will be explained where problems can originate from, how to detect & analyze them and finally how to potentially resolve them.
    Doing so, plenty of useful tools will also be demonstrated and provided, to enable the attendees to start the optimization of their NAV/SQL systems themselves.


    Day 1 – session 1:

    Windows Performance Monitoring:

    • Windows Performance Monitor
    • PAL

    Fundamental Setup:

    • SQL Server Environment
    • Configuration of SQL Server and Database
    • SQL Server Wait Statistics
    • NAV Client/Service Tier Environment
    • Configuration of NST

    Session 2:

    Query Strategy:

    • Indexes with NAV & SQL
    • Expensive Queries & SQL Profiling
    • Query Execution Plans & Missing Index Proposals

    C/AL Programming:

    • FIND commands
    • NAV 2013+: “SQL Trace” & “NAV Application Profiler”
    • VSIFT

    Day 2 – Session 3:

    Locking Mechanisms:

    • Lock Modes
    • Lock Granularity
    • Transaction Isolation Levels

    Block Detection:

    • Detecting Blocks
    • Detecting Deadlocks
    • Prevention & Resolution

    Session 4:


    • Database Maintenance
    • Backup Strategy & High Availability
    • Security & Auditing
    • Data Compression


    Target Audience

    • experienced NAV/SQL Administrators
    • experiences NAV Developers



    • General knowledge about computer hardware and Windows OS.
    • Basic knowledge and experience in SQL Server and Dynamics NAV installation & configuration.
    • Advanced knowledge and experience in NAV programming.