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Optical Fiber Measurements and Splicing


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  • 2 Days Course
    Carrier (Insoft Specials)

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    This theoretical and practical course aims to transfer knowledge on the fiber optics basic theory, the light propagation principles, its characteristics and measurement methods. Furthermore, this training shows, through practical sessions, how to use the fusion splicer and the Mini OTDR for measurement, analysis and certification.


    • Optical fiber physical characteristics
    • Light guided propagation
    • Attenuation and dispersion
    • Construction processes
    • Types of connectors
    • Connectorization
    • Laser power classes
    • Power Meter
    • Sensitivity and Overload
    • Direct attenuation measurements
    • OTDR principles
    • Splicing identification
    • Splicing attenuation calculation and measurements  with Mini OTDR
    • Span analysis and certification
    • Terminations cutting and preparation
    • Splicing implementation
    • Splicing check

    Target Audience

    • The course is primarily intended for installers and technicians who work with optical fiber measurements.


    • Main transmission parameters and measurement issues basic skills.



    Use of Virtual Labs to better understand the fiber real propagation phenomena. Laboratories with splicer and OTDR equipped with all necessary accessories, from the launch fiber spool to precision cutters, from pigtails to different test fibers.