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RSESE – relayr Sales Enablement Training for Pre-Sales Engineers


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2 Days Course
Sales Enablement

Classroom + Online

Course Details


Fast Lane’s relayr Sales Enablement Training for Pre-Sales Engineers is a hands-on immersion into the skills required to engage customers in relayr-based IoT solution discussions. You will build the courage and competency necessary to guide technical customer decision-makers along the IoT journey, articulating how specific vertical use cases produce value in the customer’s setting.


  • Comprehensive architectural view of the Enterprise IoT solution stack, mapping out how relayr integrates into existing and emerging IoT ecosystem components
  • Understand how vertical specific use cases address specific problems and opportunities
  • Engage, demonstrate and convince technical decision makers by using concrete steps along the IoT solution selling lifecycle
  • Hands-on experience with end-to-end relayr IoT Solutions, focusing on demonstrating deep value to customers
  • Learn how to effectively demo the relayr platform


Module 1: Capture IoT market opportunities using the relayr IoT platform

  • IoT market opportunities and the relayr IoT platform
    • Key industry trends
    • Marketing insights
    • Economic benefits of the IoT platform-as-a-service market
  • Learn what business outcomes are solved by market-ready relayr IoT use cases
    • Relevant high priority customer segments
    • Typical deal sizes across the various relayr targeted verticals
  • Understand the relayr Enterprise IoT stack, common integrations and critical ecosystem partners
    • Understand relayr’s positioning into the overall Enterprise IoT stack
    • Common vendor integration models with relayr’s IoT platform
    • How relayr interfaces with the IoT ecosystem vendors and partners

Module 2: Positioning IoT solutions to win customer opportunities based on relayr and other technologies

  • Target “Ideal” customer profiles for IoT solutions
    • Target industries and target companies (based on size & location)
    • Technical & economic buyer profiles
  • Selling strategies within a competitive IoT landscape
    • Insight into battle cards for key competitors
    • Competitor rankings
    • Competitor differentiation charts
    • Competitor positioning maps
  • Hitting the IoT easy button – the relayr USP!
    • USP statements for select customer types
    • Product description and features

Module 3: Mon-IoT-ize relayr’s IoT solutions

  • Map and align the customer buying and your selling processes around the IoT solution lifecycle model
    • Awareness: what buyers to engage with what messages
    • Sales Acceleration: Challenging the customer and creating champions
    • Customer Engagement: Proving the value, reinforcing the vision
    • Solution Development: tailoring the solution to win the deal
    • Deployment: reinforcing buy-in and expanding opportunities
    • Adoption and Support: being the strategic Digitalization Advisor
  • Critical steps in qualifying IoT sales opportunities
    • Customer organization (size, industry, location)
    • Contact (seniority level, decision maker)
    • Buying stage & needs
    • Spending authority
  • Buyer Intelligence:
    • Relevant LOB buying centers
    • Buyer personas
    • Customer journey map
  • IoT solution sales kits:
    • Sales play summaries
    • Insights for customer ‘Champions’
    • Recent wins
    • Customer case studies

Module 4: Applying critical consultative sales techniques to accelerate IoT sales

  • Identifying the relevant questions to create the right customer need
  • Mapping customer needs to relevant value within the relayr solution
  • Communicating the value proposition of the relayr IoT solution
  • Overcoming common customer objections
  • Presenting your relayr IoT solution
  • Customizing the customer proposal
  • Analyzing relevant stakeholders within complex multi-vendor IoT sales process

Module 5: Deep Dive into the relayr IoT Architecture Platform

  • Overview of the relayr Enterprise IoT architectural framework
  • Device Layer for relayr (including sensor library information)
  • Communication Layer strategy and protocols for relayr
  • Core relayr Platform Layer and third party integrations
  • Analytics Platform Layer and integrations such as with vendor asset management suites, building management systems & other third party data visualization applications
  • Cognitive Platform Layer, which includes predictive models, and integrations with relayr ecosystem partner technologies
  • Relayr IoT Management and Security services and third party integration

Module 6: Vertical specific use cases and IoT applications for relayr solutions

  • Industrial retrofits for manufacturing, factories and machine predictive maintenance
    • IoT opportunities and trends in manufacturing
    • Challenges and customer care-abouts in manufacturing
    • IoT solutions and use cases: operations optimization, predictive maintenance, inventory optimization, and health and safety
    • Relevant relayr IoT case studies
  • Smart buildings and offices
    • IoT opportunities and trends in smart buildings and offices
    • Challenges and customer care-abouts in smart buildings and offices
    • IoT solutions and use cases: organizational redesign, building security, worker monitoring, digital ceiling and Workspaces, and energy monitoring
    • Relevant relayr IoT case studies
  • Retail environments
    • IoT opportunities and trends in retail environments
    • Challenges and customer care-abouts in retail environments
    • IoT use cases: automated checkout, omnichannel retail, layout optimization, inventory shrinkage prevention
    • Relevant relayr IoT case studies
  • Vehicles:
    • IoT opportunities and trends in vehicles
    • Challenges and customer care-abouts in vehicles
    • IoT use cases:
      • Connected car
      • Connected fleet
      • Connected logistics
      • Predictive maintenance
      • Reduced insurance through vehicle monitoring-as-a-service
    • Relevant relayr IoT Case Studies

Module 7: Gain insights into the relayr solution lifecycle model

  • Methods for generating awareness: performing structured demonstrations, hackathons and technical presentations
  • Deep-dive into the relayr ‘5-4-3 IoT Innovation process’ for rapid IoT solution development in one business quarter
    • 5 Days – IoT Ideation Workshop to identify 3 leading customer-centric IoT use cases
    • 4 Weeks – Rapid IoT Solution Prototyping of Top Leading Idea or Use Case
    • 3 months – Full prototype testing and refinement for production and commissioning launch of IoT solution
  • Best practices for relayr IoT Projects

Showcase the relayr Platform to a customer

  • How to demo the relayr white box solution for Smart Buildings
  • How to demo the relayr IoT platform and using smartphone app

relayr IoT Lab

  • Each Participant receives their own relayr White-Box environmental sensor package, which measures motion, luminosity, sound, temperature, and humidity, and go through a series of exercises on how to connect a Device Layer component to the relayr Cloud platform and obtain useful real-time data
  • Setup and deployment of the sensor kit
  • Leveraging the SDKs to communicate with a fog/edge compute gateway device
  • Configure a fog/edge compute gateway device to relay sensor data to the Relayr Cloud API
  • Setting up the relayr Dashboard to view real-time data as well as interact with devices

Target Audience

The primary audience for this program are Pre-Sales Engineers at value added resellers and system integrators. This program will also be beneficial for technical sellers like Practice Managers and Solution Architects.


Foundational understanding of sensors, actuators, IT and Operations Technology (OT) protocols, and essentials around industrial networks and automation/ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) environments.