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Cisco TelePresence Basics on Demand (TBOD)


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Course Schedule

  • 2 Days Course
    Collaboration (CLS)

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    The Cisco TelePresence® Basics on Demand version 2.0 is 2 days Instructor led on-demand course offered by High-Touch Delivery Learning Services will provide participants with the prerequisite background knowledge on telepresence fundamentals needed to continue onto the more product-focused telepresence courses.


    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Describe a telepresence call and advantages of telepresence and recognize audio and video input and output devices
    • Describe the main use and system types for immersive, large room, small room, and personal conferencing
    • Describe the main purpose of a gatekeeper, SIP registrar, gateway, conference bridge, conference bridge management device, streaming device, traversal server, and management and booking solutions
    • Describe the commonly used video and audio standards used for telepresence
    • Describe the physical, data link, netowrk, and transport layers of the OSI 7 layer model and how they relate to telepresence
    • Describe the terms bandwidth, DNS, NAT, and firewalls and how they relate to telepresence
    • Describe the TCP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, H.323, and SIP protocols and their role in telepresence
    • Describe types and positioning of peripheral devices and general room design considerations, including lighting
    • Describe the terms conductor, connector, shielding, and insulation balanced and unbalanced relating to cables and recognize common connector types
    • Describe the cable types and connectors used to cable up Cisco TelePresence units, including power, LAN, audio, and video
    • Describe the specific lights and sensors on Cisco TelePresence units and cameras

    Target Audience

    This course is designed for engineers responsible for installing and maintaining telepresence

    • endpoints and networks:
    • Customer support staff and first-level helpdesk support
    • Partner technical professionals


    • There are no prerequisite requirements for this course.