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TelePresence Support and Operations Foundation (TSOF)


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Course Schedule

  • 2 Days Course
    Collaboration (CLS)

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details


    The Cisco TelePresence® Support and Operations Foundation (TSOF) Version 3.0 instructor-led remote delivery course offered by Cisco® Learning Services provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to configure, maintain, and support Cisco TelePresence users with endpoints and call management using Cisco TelePresence Management Suite.


    Delivery Method

    • Part 1: Online, self-paced 2 hours
    • Part 2: Instructor-led virtual delivery 2 days

    Software Version:

    • EX, C Series, MX, and SX endpoints TC7.2
    • TX endpoints TX6.1
    • DX endpoints 10.2
    • Cisco TelePresence Management Suite 14.5


    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Describe service provider NGN technology trends and their impact on operational environments
    • Describe the various NMS tools available to monitor networks and network devices
    • Implement incident (event) management procedures
    • Demonstrate fault management procedures
    • Describe the configuration management process
    • Demonstrate change management procedures
    • Identify performance management procedures


    • Online Learning Module
    • Cisco TelePresence System and call types, advantages of Cisco TelePresence solutions, and recognition of audio and video input and output devices
    • Role of gatekeeper, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) registrar, gateway, conference bridge, conference bridge management device, streaming device, traversal server, and management and booking solutions
    • Video and audio standards
    • IP terminology and network standards including H.323 and SIP
    • Cables and connectors
    • Module 1: Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Operation
      • Update and review of endpoint portfolio
      • Operating endpoints using a web browser
      • Describing Cisco TelePresence multiple-site conferencing
    • Module 2: Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Configuration and Maintenance
      • Configuring Cisco TelePresence TC Software-based endpoints
      • Provisioning Cisco endpoints for Cisco Unified Communications Manager
      • Maintaining Cisco TelePresence TC and TX Software, and Cisco DX Series-based endpoints.
    • Module 3: Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Troubleshooting
      • Viewing call and registration details with the Cisco TelePresence VCS
      • Troubleshooting Cisco TelePresence TC software-based codecs
      • Collecting logs from Cisco endpoints
    • Module 4: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Adding and Managing Systems
      • Adding and modifying systems
      • Managing groups of systems
      • Maintaining systems
    • Module 5: Phonebooks
      • Configuring phone books from a manual list
      • Configuring phone books from external sources
      • Setting phone books on systems
    • Module 6: Conferences
      • Describing Smart Scheduler and Cisco FindMe
      • Using personal conferences
      • Creating two-site conferences from Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
      • Creating multiple-site conferences from Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
      • Changing advanced conference settings from Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
      • Monitoring live conferences from conference control center
    • Module 7: Ticketing and Reporting
      • Using the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite ticketing system
      • Using the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite reporting tools

    Lab Outline

    • Lab 1: Endpoint Operation
    • Lab 2: Cisco TelePresence TC Software Based Endpoint Configuration
    • Lab 3: Cisco TelePresence TC Software Based API
    • Lab 4: Cisco Unified Communications Manager and TelePresence TC Software-Based Provisioning
    • Lab 5: Cisco TelePresence TC Software-Based API Backup
    • Lab 6: Cisco TelePresence VCS Status Menus
    • Lab 7: Cisco TelePresence TC Software-Based Endpoint Troubleshooting
    • Lab 8: Cisco TelePresence TC Software-Based Endpoint Logs
    • Lab 9: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Adding Systems, Part 1
    • Lab 10: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Adding Systems, Part 2
    • Lab 11: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Systems Management
    • Lab 12: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Systems Maintenance
    • Lab 13: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Phone Books
    • Lab 14: Cisco Personal Conference
    • Lab 15: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Point-to-Point Conference Booking
    • Lab 16: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Multiple-Site Conference Booking
    • Lab 17: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Conference Monitoring

    Target Audience

    This course is designed for engineers responsible for installing and configuring Cisco TelePresence endpoints. The primary audience for this course includes:

    • Customer support staff and first-level help desk support
    • Partner technical professionals


    • There are no prerequisite requirements for this course.