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GDPR Cloud Based System


Cloud Based System

ATIC 360 Cloud Based System

Through one of our trusted partners, ATIC 360 Cloud System Program helps you to implement the GDPR, by focussing on your business' needs and by providing you with the right software and resources.

Adapt to GDPR

It's an efficient Quality Management Solution that enables your company to adapt to GDPR.

Analyse Data

It allows managers to access important data and to have an improved analysis of the company's compliance with the GDPR.

Combine GDPR

The built-in system helps to identify the GDPR specifications and to combine them with your company's compliance

ATIC 360 Cloud System is entirely responsive, which provides their users enough flexibility to access the system on multiple devices. All the data is available, not only in your laptop, but also on your mobile and tablet.

Let us help you!

Don’t want to do it yourself? Let our team of GDPR experts support you with this daunting task!

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